First-time pet ownership can be both exciting and daunting, not only for the owner, but also for the animal. Over the past few months pet ownership has grown, including increased pet adoption, and your practice’s new clients will understandably desire quality care for their animals and compete for your attention. With this in mind, as appointments from new owners increase, what are you doing to meet both their needs and the needs of their new furry friends?

In a comprehensive webinar, "The Influx of First-Time Pet Owners: How to Best Prepare and Train Your Employees," we dive into the role an animal health team plays in reducing stress for first-time owners while trying to keep their animals healthy. This webinar will also highlight the skills necessary to improve your practice’s understanding of how to support this particular client group in these unique circumstances.

This webinar covers: 

  • How to manage your business more effectively and ensure your staff can meet the growth in demand
  • How to help each member of your team operate at the top of their license, and gain the skills to address these new clients
  • How to calm anxieties of new owners during the current pandemic, and what steps to take to make the relationship a positive one post-pandemic
  • How to build confidence in your veterinary technicians and assistants so they feel comfortable taking on new responsibilities

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