Though revenue and productivity are two of the most common measures of success for a business, KPIs in the veterinary industry are more nuanced. As increasingly more Americans are owning pets, practices need to meet the demand for credentialed veterinary technicians, a role that is one of the hardest to fill.

In a comprehensive whitepaper, produced by Penn Foster, this employee shortage is examined in terms of practice outcomes and more broadly, what practice managers hope to see for their business' growth for the remainder of 2020. "Improving Practice Success in the Veterinary Industry in 2020" reviews the results of a comprehensive survey of veterinary practice managers, inquiring about the goals and priorities that they share in driving the industry forward. This whitepaper covers: 

  • How the demand for credentialed veterinary workers will drive the industry for the remainder of 2020 and beyond
  • How to increase your business' bottom line while ensuring high quality of care for your patients
  • How to create viable career pathways for your practice's staff
  • And more! 

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