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Most hiring managers would agree that there's a lack of soft skills or "Power Skills" among both new candidates and tenured employees in today's workforce. Penn Foster's Career Readiness bootcamp is designed to help employees and job seekers develop the essential soft skills needed for long-term career success for today and tomorrow's frontline workers. 

Whether you are an employer or organization working to prepare job seekers for the workforce, this modular soft skills training solution can improve outcomes across your entire organization:

  • Employers: Improve productivity and on-the-job effectiveness of your new employees while developing career pathways for your tenured workers
  • Youth Organizations: Prepare the young people you serve to join the workforce while laying the foundation for an upwardly mobile career
  • Career Schools & Colleges: Increase job placement rates and help differentiate your graduates with skills they can apply directly as they begin their careers 
  • Workforce Boards: Provide job seekers with the skills needed to find & maintain long-term employment

Curriculum focused on the following soft skills: