Home Health Aide Career Diploma

Train outplaced and incumbent employees with the Home Health Aide program that prepares workers for externships within 6 months.

Program Overview

The Home Health Aide Career Diploma program effectively prepares learners to assist clients with Activities of Daily Life and Instrumental Activities of Daily Life in a private home or community setting. Aligned to market and employer needs, the program includes courses, sequenced for learner success, and a required externship to help students gain the necessary hands-on experience. As a growing, in-demand role, the Home Health Aide program can effectively train your outplaced workers or upskill your existing employees into this high need field.

Average Completion Time: 6-9 Months

Required Externship Experience:

  • Learners gain on-the-job, real world experience through a 40-hour clinical externship program

Skills & Features

Skills Covered:

  • Home care procedures
  • Body systems and medication
  • Nutrition
  • Caring for clients of any age
  • Caring for clients with special needs
  • Dealing with emergencies
  • Law, ethics, & confidentiality 
  • Therapeutic communication skills


  • Delivered on the PFx learning platform which provides engaging and interactive learning materials 
  • Program includes practice lab blood pressure kit

The curriculum is aligned to and exceeds minimum federal training program requirements, although individual state requirements vary. Please note, this training program is not available to residents of California, Mississippi, New York, New Jersey, or Washington, D.C.