Healthcare organizations everywhere are feeling the negative impacts of the growing skills gap — and they simply cannot afford to let it runs it course without innovative action. Leading providers have already begun to tackle these challenges head on with tailored skills training to help fill in-demand roles and improve employee retention. However, implementing and launching a training program isn't enough. In order to reap all of the benefits employee training can bring, employers must look beyond initial implementation. 

Serving over three million patients annually, Geisinger Health System implemented a training program to help improve the service skills of their employees. Along the way, they have picked up four crucial steps employers can take to ensure training programs fulfill their goal. In a comprehensive eBook, "Four Simple Ways to Maximize Your Training Program," Geisinger, and training partner, Penn Foster, review how organizations can realize the positive business impact of training programs. 

This eBook covers: 

  • The latest workforce trends in the healthcare industry
  • Easy-to-follow steps for ensuring employee training is utilized post-launch 
  • Insights from a top healthcare system on the benefits of training employees at any level in the organization
  • And more! 

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