The COVID-19 pandemic has upended the worldwide economy and labor market, leaving no industry unscathed. And as the unemployment rate is hitting record highs, open jobs in healthcare are beginning to make a revival — just not in the ways they may have existed before. As a result, leading organizations are expanding their healthcare training offerings to upskill or reskill individuals looking to qualify for these positions. 
In a new eBook, produced by Penn Foster, we explore these shifting labor needs and how online training can help bridge the gap. Download the eBook, "The Future of Work & Training in Healthcare" to learn: 
  • The new — or newly in-demand — healthcare support roles emerging in administration, medical assisting, and laboratory work
  • How to connect displaced or furloughed workers and community members to essential healthcare careers 
  • The benefits of accelerated training, microcredentialing, and career pathways in a mid- and post-pandemic world

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