Learn high-demand industrial skills

Adecco has partnered with Penn Foster to offer Adecco Academy, an online skills training program that gives you the opportunity to learn high-demand trade skills at no cost as an Adecco associate.



Penn Foster's online programs provide you 24/7 access to courses right on your mobile device, allowing you to learn whenever, wherever.



Programs were developed and chosen to align with the skills that employers are seeking in the trades industry.



Accredited programs are offered by Penn Foster, a leading online education provider with over 150K students each year.



Comprehensive support is offered online and offline via dedicated success coaches, faculty, and peers to ensure your success.



Mobile-Friendly Learning with Penn Foster

Penn Foster's online skills training courses are accessible on the PFx platform and bring your Adecco Academy programs to you anywhere you have an internet connection. Use the mobile-friendly platform to learn new skills at home, on-the-go, and at your convenience.

Also included in Penn Foster's online learning platform:

  • 24/7 access to course material and support resources
  • Peer-to-peer support to allow you to collaborate and study together
  • Academic and motivational support to help you progress through the program

Adecco Academy

To help you gain the skills you need to get a better job in the trades industries, Adecco has partnered with leading online skills training provider Penn Foster to offer Adecco Academy, a new online skills training program for Adecco associates!

By enrolling in Adecco Academy, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills you can use to launch and advance your industrial career. Offered online and accessible on any mobile device, these programs are designed to give you the flexibility to learn at home or on the go, at a pace that's right for you.

What is Adecco Academy?

Adecco has partnered with leading online skills training provider Penn Foster to launch Adecco Academy, a fully sponsored online training initiative that allows Adecco associates to learn new trade skills online at no cost to them. The goal of this initiative is to give associates the skills they need to get a better job, earn more money, and create better career opportunities for themselves.

Why should I enroll in Adecco Academy?

Through Adecco Academy, you will learn invaluable job skills that will help you take your career to the next level. By enrolling in these online courses, you will be able to learn on your own time and at your own pace with Penn Foster’s online and mobile-friendly learning platform.

How do I become eligible for Adecco Academy?

To be eligible to enroll in one of the 11 programs available through Adecco Academy, you must:
  • Be an Adecco Associate
  • Have worked with Adecco for a minimum of 16 hours total
  • Have worked on an Adecco assignment within the past six months
New associates or those who do not currently meet the eligibility requirements will be alerted when they have reached eligibility.

How do I enroll in Adecco Academy?

To enroll in a program through Adecco Academy, you should visit partner.pennfoster.com/Adecco and click on “View Programs.” From that page, you'll be able to learn about and choose the program you'd like to enroll in and complete the enrollment form directly from that web page.

How much money does it cost to enroll in the programs?

If you meet the requirements for eligibility as an Adecco associate, nothing! The Adecco Academy programs are all available at no cost to eligible Adecco associates. See “How do I become eligible for Adecco Academy?” to review the eligibility requirements.

How do I access the program material?

All course content will be delivered through Penn Foster’s Student Portal. You will have access to their course content upon logging in into the Portal for the first time. Once logged in, click on “Program and Courses” in the left navigation bar to see the courses in your program. You can also get started directly from your dashboard by clicking “Start” on your home dashboard.

Can I change courses if I decide I don't like the one I'm enrolled in? If so, how?

Yes, you can always change courses if you decide that you want to do so. To change courses, you should call our support line at (800) 587-4541 or email clientsupport@pennfoster.edu

What are the benefits of Penn Foster's online learning platform?

Penn Foster’s online learning platform provides the following benefits to students:
  • Mobile-friendly solution for on-the-go learning
  • Self-paced programs allow students to learn at a comfortable speed
  • Academic and motivational support along the way to help students achieve success

Where can I reach out for support questions?

For all support related inquiries, you can either send an email to clientsupport@pennfoster.edu or call (800) 587-4541, and someone will be happy to assist you!

What is a skills badge?

A skills badge is a virtual credential you earn for completing a certain lesson or course in a program. Seven of the Adecco Academy programs have skills badges that you can earn as you progress toward completion (Basic Blueprint Reading, Career Readiness Bootcamp, CNC Operator, Electronic Technician, Machine Operator, Level 1, Warehousing and Distribution Supervisor, and Welding).

Badges are a great way to show that you've mastered a specific skill or competency. Upon earning a badge, you will be able to download it virtually and share it online to show off your success to the world!